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      1. Regulatory Compliance Assessment – WERCS



        Kroger utilizes WERCSmart by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) to help manage regulatory compliance requirements. Our suppliers must carefully read Kroger’s WERCs Supplier letter and register affected products at https://www.ulwercsmart.com.

        To avoid an item setup delay, we recommend registering the item with WERCS prior to setting it up with Kroger. Items that require a WERCS assessment will not complete item setup until the WERCS assessment is completed.

        This requirement includes existing products previously sold to Kroger as well as new products. Please contact wercsinfo@kroger.com with any questions.

        Classes of products requiring registration in WERCS include the following. This list is not exhaustive; contact wercsinfo@kroger.com if you are unsure whether your product should be registered.


        Aerosol Item contains compressed gas or propellant
        Battery or Battery-Containing Item is a battery, contains a battery, or has a battery packed with it
        Electronic Item has a cord, a circuit board, or contains lights
        Flammable or combustible As defined by OSHA, DOT, or NFPA
        Light bulb Contains or is a light bulb (except incandescent)
        Non Food Chemical-containing e.g., detergents, soaps, cleaners, garden chemicals, air fresheners, candles, etc. –Item can be liquid, powder, gel, or paste
        OTC Pharmaceutical or Nutritional Supplement e.g., vitamins and supplements, energy/nutrition bars, meal replacements, wipes, medicated patches, contraceptive foam, smoking cessation. Anything with a Drug Facts or Supplement Facts label.
        Personal Care Product e.g., cosmetics, hair care, bath, oral hygiene, foot care, sun care, etc.
        The Kroger Family of Companies